2008 Accolades Award Winners

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2008 Accolades Award Winners

1. Best Practices in Alumni Relations
2. Best Practices in Communications
3. Best Practices in Educational Fundraising
4. Alumni Relations Programming
5. Community Relations Programs, Projects & Special Events
6. Government Relations Programs, Projects & Special Events
7. Advertising
8. PSAs & Commercial Spots
9. Blogs
10. Crisis Communication
11. Individual Special Public Relations Projects
12. Specific Media Relations Programs
13. Targeted Mail: U.S. Mail and Email
14. Visual Design and Print
15. Photography
16. Digital Computer Enhanced Images
17. Fundraising
18. Proposal Writing
19. Special Events
20. Magazines
21. Newsletters
22. Student Recruitment: Individual Pieces
23. Student Recruitment: Packages
24. Marketing Programs
25. Institutional Identity Programs
26. Creativity on a Shoestring
27. Annual or Institutional Reports
28. Website: Alumni Relations
29. Website: Fundraising Development
30. Website: Institutional Home Page
31. Website: Magazines
32. Website: Publication/Special Purpose
33. Website: News (campus, online media centers, etc.)
34. Website: Student Recruitment
35. Institutional Portal
36. Webcast/Podcast/CD/DVD Features
37. Online/CD/DVD content
38. Staff Writing
39. Best Article
40. Excellence in News Writing

1. Best Practices in Alumni Relations Gold Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: "Where's Alby?" Game

Comments: This was a fresh, fun and innovative approach to engaging a very targeted audience. It was very well done, cost-efficient and fun. Also connected recent grads back to campus in a number of ways.

Silver Millbrook School: "Down School Road: Millbrook at '75" DVD

Comments: Beautiful and touching presentation.

Honorable Mention American University: Alumni Career Committees

Comments: Well-organized. Executed in a cost-efficient way to engage alumni in the things they care most about.

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2. Best Practices in Communications Gold Purnell School: A Strengths-Based School

Comments: This project was really impressive with its professional multi-media packaging and unique message. The video clips were compelling and the written material, well-done.

Silver Syracuse University: ReadySet: Information for New Students at Syracuse U

Comments: Well organized and well packaged, strong organization for what is commonly a large, disorganized assortment of materials. Very effective overall and a great way to get new students off to a good start regarding their feelings for what is ahead.

Bronze University of Pennsylvania Medical School: We are Leaders

Comments: Pieces are nicely designed; liked the vellum cover. Creativity was shown in developing pieces that included variable fields. The materials are sophisticated and professional, which work well for donor and prospect audiences. They are very nice and very effective.

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3. Best Practices in Educational Fundraising Gold University of Ottawa: 48 Hour Campus Campaign

Comments: This was a remarkable accomplishment because it significantly increased the number of faculty and staff stakeholders. The unique nature of this campaign (run during a brief, set period of time with an established goal) was the reason we saw it as a best practice with quantifiable results that other institutions may use as a model.

Silver West Virginia University Foundation Inc.: Pride Travel Fund

Comments: The campaign's targeted fundraising, well-designed material and thoughtful incentives combined to make this an impressive, well-planned and executed project that clearly resonated with donors.

Honorable Mention University of Pennsylvania: Ivy Stone Society

Comments: We liked the goal of encouraging giving, especially after the third year "tipping point," and found the material attractive and interesting.

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4. Alumni Relations Programming 4A: Gold Baruch College: Ticker 75th Anniversary

Comments: Anniversary event was creative and provided a consistent event theme throughout the whole planning process. Well planned and successfully attended. The entry was well organized and gave a full overview of the even.

4A: Silver Gettysburg College: Heritage Society Deliveries

Comments: This program touched my heart. This design is a great example of going back to basics and how little things can make the biggest impact. The thought, hard work and care that is put forth into this bi-annual event clearly results in an exceptional experience for current alumni and future alumni.

4B: Gold Carleton University: Affinity Programs

Comments: Used great marketing tools to get this project off the ground, and the result speak for themselves. Great use of resources and connecting alumni with students for a common purpose.

4C: Gold Kent Place School: 3-10 Project

Comments: This program sounded very progressive in the approach to combining their alumni and development efforts. Great idea to connect current students with the Alumni and Development office and then connect them with Alumni.

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5. Community Relations Programs, Projects & Special Events Gold University of Pittsburgh: Freedom House

Comments: Well done! Engaged community, terrific celebration of local history. Good use of local documentary and film maker.

Silver Hofstra University: Documenting Diversity

Comments: Unique project. Married the offering of the institution with the needs of the community. Honorable Mention University of Pittsburgh: Paint the Town Blue and Gold

Comments: Simple, Clean and well done. Engaged students and community.

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6. Government Relations Programs, Projects & Special Events Silver University of Ottawa: UOttawa Day on the Hill

Comments: Whole system presentation - impressive invitation/special even quality; reception, total thoughts impressive that was a college-wide effort: faculty, president, alumni.

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7. Advertising 7A: Gold University of Maryland: Fear the Turtle Wall Wraps

Comments: Refreshing and eye catching and well designed for the environment. Clever use of decals to break outside of a predictable perimeter and draw the eye to the text. Smart, clear, strong text.

7A: Silver Wilkes University: A Majority of One

Comments: Hip, edgy campaign with results that clearly demonstrated its appeal to students.

7A: Bronze Catholic University: Stigmata

Comments: Bold and daring concept and representation that piques the viewer's interest and would stand out in the environment as described.

7A: Honorable Mention
Adelphi University: Long Island Railroad Car

Comments: Liked the concepts and the appropriateness of the design for subway/train car reading. Very clean and effective messaging. Good use of iconic symbols to communicate message.

7A: Honorable Mention University of Guelph: Guelph Matters

Comments: Good, strong photography. Well written, clever, compelling story.

7B: Silver Lehigh University: Lehigh-Where Business and Technology Intersect

Comments: Solid and comprehensive campaign. Graphic execution and photographs were of high quality. Fonts were clean and crisp. Copy and stories were compelling.

7C: Gold Wilkes University: A Majority of One

Comments: Strong sense of community and personality pervades the campaign. Brilliant copy, creative on multiple levels. Cleanly executed, innovative and clever.

7C: Silver Seton Hill University: "Are You Up"

Comments: Inspiring tagline would appeal to students. Well executed. Strongly projects the personality of the college community.

7C: Bronze Temple University: Multimedia Packages

Comments: Good application of brand and message across multimedia. Effective coordination between web and other media.

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8. PSAs & Commercial Spots Gold Rutgers University "Before" Rutgers 2008 Institutional Spot

Comments: Very nice piece. Effective for reaching the set goals.

Silver University of Albany: "Underage Drinking, Not a Minor Problem"

Comments: The commercial catches your attention and certainly get the message across to the target audience.

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9. Blogs Gold West Virginia University: Philosophy's the Question

Comments: Set measurable goals and clearly met its stated purpose of increasing interest in philosophy and facilitating debate among members of the WVU community. The blog was engaging and is user friendly. Surpassing their initial goals, this project has garnered national attention for its proactive questions and ability to be interactive with its constituents.

Silver Stevens Institute of Technology: Stevens Blog Project

Comments: This entry allowed a creative medium for current students and administrators to portray college life to prospective students. It provides a wealth of information.

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10. Crisis Communication NO ENTRIES

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11. Individual Special Public Relations Projects Gold University of Pittsburgh: Freedom House World Premiere Silver Wilfrid Laurier University: MDRC Silver Purnell School: A Strengths-Based School Bronze Lehigh University: Presidential Inauguration

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12. Specific Media Relations Programs Gold University of Pittsburgh: Billion Dollar Campaign

Comments: Excellent statement of objectives; impressive and thorough articulation of success. Nice balance of new information and emphatic repetition.

Silver Rochester Institute of Technology: The Big Shot in Croatia

Comments: Wow! Fully captured the “Big Shot” experience in a range of ways. Excellent compilation and presentation of results. Truly impressive idea, internal messaging, reporting.

Bronze Nazareth College: Nazareth College Announces $5 Million Gift

Comments: Positive community impact and good collaboration. Pulling all the art components together was an excellent way to tell the story to the greater community.

Bronze Wilfrid Laurier University: MDRC

Comments: Very nice statement of objectives. Clear objectives, good results; they really set themselves up to be THE place to go for Parkinson’s therapy. Nice link between school and area economics and national impact.

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13. Targeted Mail: U.S. Mail and Email Gold Grove City College: Being a Part of Full Circle via E-Solicitations Gold Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: "Where's Alby?" Game

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14. Visual Design and Print 14A: Gold Temple University: "Think Different" brochure

Comments: The design is very clean, highly readable with great color use, lots of open space with no need for textures or backgrounds of a lot fluff. It’s an everyman brochure that really does give you the feel that whatever you can do will make a difference.

14A: Silver Stevens Institute of Technology: "Picture Yourself at Stevens"

Comments: Photos are outstanding and dynamic. Pull out bold text creates great sound bites. Use of the side tabs to give tie in the one-word themes from beginning and provides an overall consistency of message. Very slick.

14A: Bronze University of Pittsburgh: Freedom House Invitation

Comments: The unusual size, shape and color are very effective in both drawing attention to the invitation and providing adequate space to supply historical information on the back. The sepia tones give a real sense of history.

14B: Gold University of Buffalo: Dalai Lama commemorative books

Comments: Stunning! This is such an extraordinary piece it took our breath away. The packaging is striking. The photography is moving. Ordinary people; extraordinary event; phenomenal publication! 14B: Gold College of Saint Rose: "Passion, Knowledge, Purpose" view book

Comments: Wow! This looks like a book you’d by as a gift for a friend! Excellent balance, with many elements tied together into a cohesive package. All the information is there is a format that makes it fun and exciting to read.

14B: Silver Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: 2006 President's Report

Comments: Visually striking in its simplicity. Clean. Crisp. Highly readable. Photograph and illustrations are striking.

14B: Bronze Sarah Lawrence College

Comments: Very unusual with overall illustration. Choice to do as a “letter” from outgoing to incoming president was innovative. Student as illustrator was a great choice.

14C: Gold York University: Yorkie Magazine

Comments: Very contemporary. Compelling. Very clean. The cover concept was obviously clearly thought out and laid out in advance of the shoot, and the shoot nailed the objectives.

14C: Bronze Lehigh University: Alumni Bulletin

Comments: Photo and lighting draw you in. Somber and compelling. Makes you want to learn more.

14D: Gold Delbarton School: Delbarton Fine Arts Center Logo

Comments: We loved the positioning of the word ‚Äö√Ñ√∫Art‚Äö√Ñ√π in ‚Äö√Ñ√∫Delbarton‚Äö√Ñ√π through the color blocking. Very wise choice to maintain use of the college’s standard font, creating something more contemporary but maintaining the ‚Äö√Ñ√∫family‚Äö√Ñ√π look. Very sharp, easily replicated and readable in any size, and very memorable. An outstanding logo design.

14D: Silver Millersville University: "Soar to Greatness" campaign logo

Comments: In corporation of the campus swans into the logo was inspired and provides a great emotional tie for alumni and emeriti. It is a tight, clean, easily replicated logo that says a lot in a very small space. The sense of flight imparted by the design really brings to life the “Soar to Greatness” theme of the campaign.

14E: Gold Millersville University: Wash Your Hands

Comments: This is simple and the message is “in your face.” Proven results are not surprising given the impact and simplicity of the message.

4E: Silver Catholic University of America: The Beggars Opera

Comments: Clean and crisp with a direct and readable message appropriate to the medium. Good use of muted background color and texture. Message is straight and to the point and incorporates the themes in the performance.

14F: Gold John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth: Open Your Mind Open Your World

Comments: Too cool!! Impressive! This piece is the perfect match of message, medium and audience.

14F: Silver Skidmore College: Campaign playing cards

Comments: Each individual design on each card is well done.

14G: Gold George Washington University: Celebrating the Presidency

Comments: This colorful, complicated, uplifting, dramatic and brilliantly executed illustration captures the very essence of the president’s impact on the college and tells a story to outstanding effect. An outstanding piece.

14G: Silver Buffalo State College, State University of New York: They Love New York

Comments: Dramatic and eye-catching. The illustration has high impact and definitely served its stated purpose.

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15. Photography Gold Dickinson College: Dickinson Magazine

Comments: This entry captured a truly amazing image without any digital manipulation, demonstrating exceptional creativity and technical prowess.

Silver University of Toronto: UT Magazine "Kenneth Bartlett" by Liam Sharp

Comments: This entry stood out for its creativity, great lighting and use of color. The portraits involved the subjects in their surroundings and demonstrated tons of personality.

Bronze Sarah Lawrence College: Outcomes

Comments: These images did a good job of meeting the goals outlined in the abstract.

Honorable Mention Convent of the Sacred Heart: 2007/2008 School Calendar

Comments: The spirit of the school and its students and teachers was captured in these images. The images get at the heart of interactions between students and teachers.

Honorable Mention Sarah Lawrence College: Donors

Comments: The two portraits stood out for their creativity and distinct style as well as their boldness. The third shot, which was technically difficult, also demonstrated an unusual approach to a subject.

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16. Digital Computer Enhanced Images No Winning Entries

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17. Fundraising Gold National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund: A Matter of Honor: The NLE

Comments: Visually stunning and persuasive. The case for support is stated clearly and we were “drawn/pulled” into wanting to keep reading.

Silver Kent Place School: Annual Fund Materials

Comments: The theme of “tradition” was used very effectively. Outstanding visual presentation of the many components of the campaign. Quality of the writing was superior.

Bronze Hudson Valley Community College: The Promise of Our Region: The Campaign for the Community

Comments: Impressed by overall quality of this campaign package.

Honorable Mention University of Pittsburgh: Blue and Black 2006

Comments: This piece was exceptionally done and is a model for donor cultivation.

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18. Proposal Writing Gold Lebanese American University: Grant proposl: Legal Assistance for Incarcerated Women in the Tripoli Prison

Comments: Impressed with the quality of the proposal. It was very interesting and compelling. Their assertions were backed up with facts and figures and their plan for the use of the funds as well as their outline for monitoring the project were detailed and realistic.

Silver Ocean County College: Reach for the Stars!

Comments: The proposal followed the format very well. It was well organized. The budget was very comprehensive. Good job providing supporting information about the impact the planetarium will have on the larger community.

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19. Special Events 19A: Gold University of Rochester: Goergen Hall Dedication

Comments: Superb program in every way. Well done, achieved goals, significant impact, far-reaching outcomes. Objectives clearly stated as was purpose of event. Demonstrated excellence, creativity and it being well thought out…results are clearly related.

19A: Silver SUNY Potsdam: World Premiere Opera: The Sailor by the Falcon

Comments: Campus and overall community rallied around event. Met desired outcomes. Broad-based engagement. Maximized resources.

19A: Bronze York University Foundation: "York to the Power of 50"

Comments: Nice documentation, great event, budget clearly stated as well as perceived values, showed results successful. Creative kick-off for campaign, flare, good involvement of high-profile alumni and supporters Good branding, well executed.

19A: Honorable Mention York University: Migration of African Peoples Launch and Symposium

Comments: A great cause to raise institutional and community awareness. Goals reached as well as objectives. Good program - especially with size of budget.

19A: Honorable Mention University of Pittsburgh: Freedom House

Comments: Raised community awareness…educated campus and city on important historical events. Great presentation, use of diversity, engaged community. Feel good program, excellent publication materials.

19B: Gold Lehigh University: Creative Thinking, Common Place Purpose, the Inauguration of Alice P. Gast"

Comments: Creative thinking indeed. Theme tied in well with the objective. Excellent entry…all objectives met…worthy entry.

19B: Silver SUNY College at Oneonta: College of Oneonta Foundation 25th Anniversary Celebration

Comments: Objective defined. Significantly exceeds standards. Well coordinated effort in three targeted areas.

Honorable Mention Marshall University Foundation, Inc.: We are Marshall Premiere

Comments: Well thought out campaign. Well thought out to promote institution…took advantage of high profile event and honored fallen members of the institution…nicely done. Broad based involvement was impressive…great attendance.

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20. Magazines 20A: Gold Purnell School: Purnell Post

Comments: Clean cover with good use of white space. Four-color cover blends well with the rest of the magazine….good flow! 20C: Gold University of Buffalo: Buffalo Physician

Comments: Proves you can do quality work in only 1-3 color. Well organized, sophisticated design and layout.

Silver: 20C Albright College: Albright Reporter

Comments: Classic, elegant design. Good name match to title, masthead, and publication size. Nice folios, good Table of Content layout.

20D: Gold Newark Academy: Outreach

Comments:Nice use of color. Nice folios and organization of your magazine. The China article was great, a good read!

20D: Silver Mercersburg Academy: Mercersburg Magazine

Comments: Creative typography. Well-formatted articles with support from photos. Photos and layout match/complement your stories.

20E: Gold Northampton Community College: Northampton Community College Magazine

Comments: Nice travel collage. Well organized magazine throughout. Visually interesting to read, plus articles were interesting and enjoyable to read!

20F: Gold University of Pittsburgh: PITT MED

Comments: Top-notch, engaging writing. Accessible magazine to both medical and non medical audiences.

20F: Silver University of Maryland: TERP

Comments: Easily identifiable mission of magazine on cover. Well thought out graphics to support stories. Simple, clear design on cover.

20F: Bronze McDaniel School: THE HILL

Comments: Beautiful, clean cover design. Compelling stories . Engaging photographs to support stories. Easy to read.

20F: Bronze Lehigh University: Lehigh Alumni Bulletin

Comments: Good layout, use of type. Good organization of cover. Compelling lead stories.

20F: Honorable Mention Carleton University: Carleton University Magazine

Comments: Well-written and engaging stories. Interesting covers to draw in readers. Effective use of budget.

20F: Honorable Mention University of Toronto: Arts and Science Review

Comments: Amazing quality of execution. Clearly one of the most compelling in cover design and illustration.

Honorable Mention Drexel University: Lead Magazine

Comments: Like the mixture of photos and illustrations. Beautiful paper. Good typography.

Honorable Mention Binghamton University: Binghamton University Magazine

Comments: Interesting and creative writing. Great use of resources. GREAT statistics to support your success!!

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21. Newsletters

21A: Gold University of Toronto: Edge Magazine

Comment: Stood out due to overall excellence and creativity. Loved the oversized layout, fresh, clean design, dynamic photography, and charming illustrations. It’s bold, with a sense of humor and very interesting articles.

21A: Silver University at Buffalo: Research Navigator

Comments: Has a distinctive size, terrific use of color, and an interesting layout.

21A: Bronze University of Pennsylvania: The Penn Priority

Comments: Traditional format with interesting articles illustrated by good photography. It’s printed on a nice, dull-coated paper. This piece has an understated excellence.

21B: Gold Sarah Lawrence College: In Touch

Comments: Great town-gown concept, a newsletter for a surrounding community. Interesting articles and a good layout.

21B: Silver Sarah Lawrence College: At SLC

Comments: Features a crisp, clean look with an accessible layout, appealing use of type, interesting articles, a distinctive size, and good information for the campus community.

21B: Bronze Columbia University: 116th on Broadway

Comments: Clean layout and good use of two colors.

21B: Honorable Mention Swarthmore College: The Gathering 21C: Gold York University: Y-Life and Y-File

Comments: Really cool sites with events, media highlights and great stories. East to navigate and represent a lot of work for a weekly online publication.

21C: Silver Temple University: @ Temple

Comments: This site has nice, large photos and a good layout with the narrow column on the right and the easy-to-read calendar of events.

21C: Bronze Adelphi University: e-News from AU

Comments: Clean format with small photos and short blurbs.

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22. Student Recruitment: Individual Pieces 22A: Gold College of St. Rose: Passion, Knowledge, Purpose view book

Comments: This entry was the most innovative approach our group has seen. The concept and graphics were great. High quality of writing.

22A: Silver Drexel University: LeBow School Student Recruitment

Comments: A lot of very attractive, very effective component parts, brought together in a compelling whole. Well organized with an easy to follow flow. Dynamite design, dynamite writing. Both are clean, uncluttered, interesting. Successful in telling the reader something valuable.

22A: Bronze Mercersburg Academy: Define Yourself

Comments: Personalities of the individual students and their school come shining through. Powerfully appealing to younger audiences members, especially in its wonderful action shots and images of movement.

22A: Honorable Mention Buffalo State College: view book

Comments: What a great job of visual storytelling, from the outer envelope to the inner container and on into the publication itself! And honest light hearted look at the transition to college life.

22A: Honorable Mention Ithaca College: Fat Packet

Comments: Great concept, projecting a youthful exciting image. Cover photo, cleverness of the layout, and easy-on-the-eyes copy made this a publication that 17 and 18 year olds would find appealing.

22C: Silver York University: Enter Here

Comments: Great looking, well organized presentation with a lot of information.This is subtly impressive design job. A good look at the things a student would want to know about most.

22D: Silver Stevens Institute of Technology: Picture Yourself at Stevens

Comments: A refreshing, yet fulfilling, take on this concept. The “window into the college” design/die-cutting are an unusually effective use of this technique.Does a nice job telling the story, briefly, of what life is like at a Stevens student.

22E: Bronze Ryerson University: What are Your Strengths

Comments: This piece succeeded on the strength of its design, which emphasizes Ryerson’s urbane, fast-moving environment. A sophisticated, effective approach to visually showcasing diversity.

22F: Silver Purnell School

Comments: Take-your-breath away visual appeal. Crisp, good-looking blend of video and effects, and the good looks are backed up by the profoundly excellent content: students and administrators telling a compelling story with candor, grace, and personality.

22F: Silver Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine: Turn Ambition into Accomplishment

Comments; This is a very audience-mindful, tailored-message piece. It looks great - shows that they resourced this project appropriately, and the navigation tools are intuitive and interesting to use. Its combination of sophisticated looks with plain talk works very well for the slightly older prospective they are targeting.

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23. Student Recruitment: Packages Gold Lehigh University: College Level view book

Comments: There was something very special about the combination of photography and text. Each piece has a unique spirit but a common thread uniting them. From the large format to the full page color photography to the inspiring testimonials these pieces reflected most effectively the spirit and high standards of Lehigh University.

Silver Temple University: See for Yourself

Comments: Extremely user-friendly. Color choices very dynamic and reflective of school colors. Excellent use of financial resources to attract new students to Temple University Return on overall investment is outstanding. Fun and informative - a great campaign - representing what university is all about.

Bronze University at Buffalo: School of Social Work Campaign

Comments: Very impressed with the components of the application that targeted potential students.White/Gold print on black background worked well. Colors well used and stood out.

Honorable Mention Chesapeake Academy Honorable Mention College of Saint Rose

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24. Marketing Programs Silver Millersville University: Grad Studies Marketing Program

Comments: Excellent campaign, very comprehensive and well-coordinated. Loved the alumni magazine. Not glitzy, but nice clean and consistent design.

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25. Institutional Identity Programs Gold Bryn Mawr School: Great Minds, Strong Hearts, Bold Voices

Comments: Beautiful photography . Academic and extracurricular programs were all well represented and gave the impression of a well rounded institution that attends to the whole child. Design concept of filling colored blocks with thematic photos made the piece more interesting.

Silver Hofstra University: Find Your Edge

Comments: The design was clean, crisp and fun. The placement of shape and text was excellent. Message was clear and well written. Great use of contrast and size.

Bronze Temple University: Temple University Center City

Comments: Great photography - exciting and well chosen to represent the vibrancy of Center City Philadelphia. Consistent and effective message throughout.

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26. Creativity on a Shoestring Gold Buffalo State College, State University of New York: President's Invitations and Event Program

Comments: We were impressed that the ‚Äö√Ñ√∫President’s Invitations and Event Program System‚Äö√Ñ√π from Buffalo State was created to solve a problem, and it met its goals with a minimal budget, even saving money from previous years.

Silver Millersville University: 2007-2008 Black and gold Club Mailing

Bronze Hofstra University: Campus Virtual Tour

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27. Annual or Institutional Reports Gold Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: 2006 President's Report

Comments: Very compelling document - the five themes are clearly identified and used effectively throughout the piece to demonstrate what is both unique and excellent about RPI. The clean design and combination of emotive and technical images strengthens the case.

Silver Cornell University: Baker Institute for Animal Health

Comments: Visually striking, emotive images that align perfectly with the institute’s mission. A well designed piece that effectively balances the interests of animal lovers and the deeper scientific work carried out by the institute.

Silver University of Buffalo: Partnerships

Comments: Excellent clarity, thematically consistent from start to finish. Nice use of space.

Bronze Northampton University

Comments: Images tell the story of a very different community college. The inside photography pulls you into a lively college experience. An all around great piece.

Bronze Washington National Cathedral: 2007 Annual Stewardship Report

Comments: A wonderful mission-driven report sprinkled with inspiring quotes and photographs. One can’t help but feeling that he National Cathedral is a national treasure to be celebrated and worthy of support.

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28. Website: Alumni Relations Bronze Sarah Lawrence College Honorable Mention Carleton University

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29. Website: Fundraising Development Bronze Utica College: Achieve A New Dream, A New Era

Comments: Good, informative web pages; well organized.

Honorable Mention Stony Brook University: Fifty Years Fifty Facts

Comments: Enjoyed the informative nature; creative.

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30. Website: Institutional Home Page Gold The Bryn Mawr School: Great Minds, Strong Minds, Bold Voices

Comments: Wonderful clean clear website. Exceeds their stated goals and sells the “brand.” Compelling in reaching out to families and alumni.

Bronze Lehigh University: College of Business and Economics

Comments: Nice look; good, clean navigation buttons.

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31. Website: Magazines Gold Buffalo State College, State University of New York

Comments: Innovation exceeded standards through the integration of the Bulletin’s weekly updated articles and the rest of the information on the magazine site. The targeted audience was clearly stated and found the supporting documentation regarding number of visitors to the site quite informative. Ease of access to the information and the appropriate length of articles for a website magazine.

Honorable Mention Lehigh University

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32. Website: Publication/Special Purpose Gold Bucknell University: Class of 2011 Orientation

Comments:The purpose of the site is simple yet it evokes a strong emotional response in visitors. Site is informative and personal. Student hosted podcasts are hip and happening. Site truly captures the essence of the experience.

Silver Hobart & William Smith Colleges: Centennial

Comments: Site was created with a long list of diverse objectives which were masterfully orchestrated. A particular strength of the site is its interactive and intellectual elements.

Bronze Lehigh University: Inauguration of Lehigh's 13th President

Comments: Site packs a punch in providing thorough coverage of a Presidential Inauguration supporting the special nature of the event itself. Site is well-organized, clear in purpose, and detailed-oriented.

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33. Website: News (campus, online media centers, etc.) Silver Lehigh University

Comments: This site is well organized and clean in design. New media options like Lehigh’s own news feed, videos, podcasts, and access to iTunes. University are nicely integrated with text summarizing content and how to access it.

Silver Rochester Institute of Technology

Comments: Making the site a resource for mainstream media as well as its own constituencies is a great way to brand RIT as a science and technology think tank. The menu of new-media features was well organized and easy to navigate.

Bronze Ramapo College of New Jersey

Comments: Ramapo’s site is well organized and features lots of current and archived content, including podcasts and videos, all readily searchable. The design is a nice balance of text and visual elements.

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34. Website: Student Recruitment Silver SUNY at Oneonta: Admissions Recruitment

Comments: This website is imaginative and designed to attract a prospective student’s attention. The ‚Äö√Ñ√≤student bloggers’ section is particularly attractive.

Bronze Lebanon Valley College: Real People Achieving Great Things

Comments: The 'Real People' section is excellent.

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35. Institutional Portal NO WINNING ENTRY

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36. Webcast/Podcast/CD/DVD Features Gold Union College

Comments:Well executed, highly creative and innovative, beautifully presented, well organized, and extremely appropriate to its target audience. The accompanying abstract was clear, succinct, and comprehensive, including a careful explanation of the large production budget.

Silver Johns Hopkins University

Comments:“Transforming Influences.” Scored high for definition of purpose, appropriateness for its target audience, mission communication, and use of resources.

Bronze Buffalo State College, State University of New York

Comments: Humor can be highly subjective and hard to handle well, but is a must for the audience Buffalo State College was working to reach - and they should be commended for their success. Interactivity of the sample, particularly the map, caught our eyes.

Honorable Mention University of Albany

Comments: This piece is charming and highly effective, and feel it would be very appealing to prospective students.

Honorable Mention Lehigh University

Comments: Innovative, easy to find and to navigate. Very appropriate to its target audience, well executed, interesting, accessible, and convincing.

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37. Online/CD/DVD content Gold Purnell School

Comments: Vibrant, warm, inspiring, eye-catching, engaging. Heart warming, effective promotional materials. Excellence at all levels…there is something for everyone.

Silver Hofstra University

Comments: Extremely thorough and engaging tour. Show cases the facilities as well as the students and student life. Builds excitement! Makes effective use of static and interactive web features, accessible (sound, text, visuals), engaging.

Bronze Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Comments: Polished, clever, technically advanced, clear in its purpose. The projects are well-defined and depicted. It was easy to follow, and was successful in bringing capital projects to life.

Honorable Mention University of Maryland

Comments: Innovative concept, great use of humor.

Honorable Mention University of Rochester

Comments: Clear purpose, beautifully produced, world-class feel, impressive results.

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38. Staff Writing Gold Dickinson College: Dickinson Magazine

Comments: Great all around. Excellence in writing.

Silver Catholic University of America: CUA

Comments: Breadth and depth of subject matter. Very impressive

Bronze Skidmore College: Scope Magazine

Comments: Excellent writing.

Honorable Mention University of Toronto Honorable Mention McDaniel College

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39. Best Article Gold SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry: Science Sing-A-Long

Comments: Very accessible, humorous. Good use of experts during down time. Certainly achieves objectives

Silver The University of Toronto: "News Room of One's Own" by Stacey Gibson

Comments: Achieved objective above and beyond. Very taken by this piece.

Bronze McDaniel College: "Lucky One"

Comments: Great story with broad appeal; well written.

Back to top 40. Excellence in News Writing 40A: Gold University at Albany

Comments: We appreciated the diversity of news stories provided. Topics were interesting to college community as well as the media. Media hits were also very impressive. News writing goals were targeted, strategic and clearly identified in the abstract. Stellar job.

40A: Silver York University

Comments: The types of stories present the university as a forward-thinking, cutting-edge and trend-setting.Clear from the original content and creative approach that they know their audience and are therefore more apt to achieve their objectives.

40B: Gold University of Maryland

Comments: In addition to the superior writing and diversity of topics covered, the news release did a wonderful job of establishing the university’s staff and faculty members as industry leaders/experts in their fields. The university is putting its sizeable staff and budget to good use.

40B: Silver University at Buffalo

Comments: Impressed by the quality of writing in these news releases. Writing is engaging, lively, while still maintaining a newsy feel.

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