Entry Process

The entry period for the CASE District II Accolades Awards Program is now open. The deadline to submit nominations for the 2019 awards program is October 19, 2018.

1. Select Category
Review the list of categories and choose one you wish to enter. You can enter asmany categories as you like after you begin the entry process. Click on the entry link by the category you wish to enter.

2. Login
Before you can begin your entry, you will be prompted to login to the system. Please use your CASE login. If you do not have a CASE login or do not remember your login, visit the account help page.

3. Entry Details
Only CASE member institutions located in CASE District II are eligible to enter the DII Accolades program. The "Entry Details" page (Step 1) will display the institution connected to your membership—the institution that will be recognized if your entry wins an award. If the institution listed is incorrect, click on the "go to my account" link under the institution to change the institution tied to your account. You can also providean alternate point of contact for your entry on this page.

After you confirm your institution, you can begin completing the online entry form. Throughout the entry process, you have the ability to save your entry as a draft and return later. When you login, you will find the draft saved under "My AwardNominations." You can also start another entry after you have saved an entry as draft.

4. Questions/Attachments
Each category/subcategory has a set of entry questions, which you answer on the "Entry Information" page (Step 2). In addition, you will either be required to provide attachments or will have the option of attaching supplemental documents with your entry on the "Attachments" page (Step 3). Please be sure to save your work frequently.

5. Mailed Materials
If a category requires entrants to send mailed materials, you will see instructions anda mailing address at the top of the "Entry Preview" page (Step 4). Print your online entry form by clicking on the "Printer Friendly View" link in the top right corner of the page and mail the form along with hard copies of any supporting materials asked for in the category description to the person listed in the mailing instructions. You should also print out a copy of your completed online entry for your records.

Caution: Be sure to give your entries ample time to arrive at the judging locations. Entries must be postmarked by midnight of the posted deadline.

  • Please note: Work entered WILL NOT BE RETURNED. Please do not send original artwork, photographs, slides or other one-of-a-kind materials.
  • All physical entries (abstracts and entry materials) should be placed in a binder or folder. Do not mount entries on boards.

Please carefully check the instructions for each category. Entries for certaincategories are completely online. There is no need to mail your entry to the judging location for online only entries.

6. Submit Final/Payment
When you are ready to submit your entry, click the "Submit Final" button at the bottomof the Entry Preview page. Note that you will no longer be able to edit your entry once you click Submit Final.

Once you click "Submit Final", you will be presented with three options: Pay Now, Pay All, Pay Later. If you wish to pay for the entry you just completed only, click "Pay Now". If you wish to pay for the entry you have just completed as well as any other entries you have completed, click "Pay All" to pay for all of your entries at one time. If you wish to complete other entries before you pay, click "Pay Later." This will save your completed entry, though you will need to return and pay the entry fee at a later time in order for your entry to be considered for an award.

CASE accepts credit cards for payment of entry fees. The fee for traditional categories is $40 per entry while the fee for the Platinum categories is $125 per entry (includes competition at the district and national levels). Please note that in order to receive the discounted rate for three or more entries you will need to select the "Pay All" option after you complete all of your entries. There is no discount option available for Platinum Categories and discounts can NOT be applied to previously submitted entries.

At the completion of the payment process, you will receive a receipt via email.