CASE District II Venture Capital Fund

Have you always wanted to create a new networking group of advancement professionals at other institutions, but needed some funding to get it off the ground?

Have you and a few colleagues at some other District II institutions wanted to bring in a nationally recognized speaker for a cross-institution professional development program, but lacked the resources to make it happen?

Have you wanted some funding to create a mini-conference on a topic that doesn't seem to be covered at the annual District conferences?

The District II Venture Capital Fund is for you.


In 2007, the CASE District II Board created the Venture Capital Fund as a means to support fresh and innovative programming ideas within the District II membership. "Through CASE District Two’s Venture Capital Fund, we are able to invest in collaborative professional development programs for Advancement colleagues and their institutions. This funding is meant to provide a catalyst for ideas and events that strengthen our work, and illustrate the benefits a CASE institutional membership." This initiative is a complement to, not a duplication of, the funds that are directed toward priorities designated by the District II board.


A total of $30,000 in venture capital is available for the year ahead.

Grants of $500 - $3,500 are available through the Venture Capital Fund. Grant applications are reviewed bi-annually. Application deadlines are in the fall and in the spring.

Spring applications due by Friday, April 12, 2019
Fall applications due by Friday, November 8, 2019


All applications for Venture Capital funding will be given thorough consideration by the VCF committee.

Successful applications will most likely meet some of the following criteria:

  • Impact on a number of CASE professionals;
  • Opportunities for professional development of CASE members;
  • Indication of collaboration between CASE member institutions;
  • Programs that do not replicate what is generally offered at the District conference
  • Applications for support from programs previously granted VCF funding will be considered on a case-by-case basis, however preference will be given to strong applicants with new programming ideas.

  1. Review previously successful applications to assist in preparing your submission.
  2. Complete the Application for Venture Capital Funding prior to the deadline.
  3. Applications reviewed by the District II Venture Capital Fund Committee and presented to the District II board for final approval.
  4. Grant recipients contacted and awards announced.
  5. Grant recipients will market their programs independently of CASE.
  6. Within 30 days following the use of the funds, grant recipients must provide a written report of the uses and impact of the funds. This information will be made available on the website for future applicants' reference.


Valerie DiRocco-Ruskin '95 MPA
Director of Donor Relations & Fund Management
University of Albany

Lisa Hood
Associate Director; Annual Fund
University of Guelph
Tel: 519.824.4120 ext.52904